Covid Secure

Protect and stay safe

Providing you with a wide variety of digital solutions to actively manage the capacity of your retail store, office, restaurant, or workplace, helping you ensure that regulatory guidance can be easily managed and maintained.

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We believe organisations that best adapt to these changes now, can collectively fuel progress, solve problems and accelerate opportunities to transform their business whilst meeting staff and customer expectations with safe guarding guidelines.

Allocated Seating

Program scheduled allocated seating including desk, meeting room or car parking reservations, eliminating unnecessary space sharing to reduce spreading the virus.

Queue Communicator

Provide your customers or employees with key information for queuing such as waiting times and easily manage any necessary queue diversions to prevent over populating a till point, shop entrance or canteen.

Customer Counting

Keep on top of measuring the number of customers in-store to remain compliant under COVID-19 restrictions. Gain an accurate understanding using real-time occupancy sensors to count the number of customers in-store without significant manual intervention.

Non-Touch Technology

Control your environment by using your mobile device to deliver a unique interactive experience. Book and authenticate a meeting room or desk, control the lighting, temperature, blinds, and displays all from your mobile device.

Appointment pre-booking

Offering safer in-store experiences to your customers by pre-booking in store appointments enabling reduced in-store wait times and managing store capacity limits.

QR Codes

Providing visitors with the ability to control the displays from their mobile devices, eliminating the risk of spreading the disease by sharing promotions, communications, menu’s, and other important information. QR codes can also be used to learn more about a product, provide video demonstrations, active a tester and more.

Automated Sanitise Stations

Powered by our IDS solution, our Automated Sanitiser Stations can detect occupancy, providing anti-bacterial sanitiser drops when a hand is placed into the designated zone. The Sanitiser Stations can be customised to fit any retail, hospitality, or corporate environments. All models feature an integrated display providing additional on-screen information such as real time statistics of the building’s current capacity and its ability to provide the correct levels of social distancing space.

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Connecting your existing technology to communicate with our Covid Secure solutions can help you ensure a safer environment for everyone

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