About Intevi

Local Partner. Global Scale.

Incorporated in 2009, Intevi quickly became a market leader with our innovative, forward thinking digital media services and solutions. We have over 50 years’ experience in delivering high end solutions, providing us with extensive knowledge and experience in installing displays across the globe to fulfil customers need’s – no matter the project size.

We pride ourselves on being a local partner on a global scale with head offices in the UK, US and across Europe. We have a dedicated team of Partners covering the rest of the globe whom provide us with exceptional local skills and knowledge.

Our ethos is to supply turnkey scalable solutions based upon customer’s actual business needs with metrics to prove real ROI. All the Intevi products provide simple solutions to an often-complex customer requirement.
With customers spanning across the world, from multiple different industries, we continue to streamline our customer communication needs through the power of digital displays.

With excellence and care at the core of our culture, we are the trusted partner that will never let our customers down.

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