Intevi joins forces with workflow and managed print services specialist Karlson to form Aura Futures


HOOK, HAMPSHIRE, UK: 18 March 2020

Intevi today announces that it has joined forces with leading workflow and managed print services specialist Karlson to form innovative new business Aura Futures.

The simultaneous acquisition of Intevi and Karlson in a management buy-in deal, and formation of Aura, have been completed with the aim of reimagining workspace futures by creating a holistic, seamless tech experience for the world’s most progressive companies.

Aura – as a leading consultancy and technology provider offering a full end-to-end service for clients from consultancy to integration – has an ambitious buy and build programme to create a business worth over £200m within five years.  The newly-formed business will operate across six offices globally, servicing 300 large clients in over 60 countries.

Aura is the culmination of a joint vision shared by the former leadership team of a FTSE plc – Alpesh Unalkat, Sajan Shivshanker and Steven Hallissey.  The trio, who worked together at Capita, handpicked Intevi and Karlson as two complementary and pioneering businesses to join them on that journey and become the platform for growth.

Welcoming the opportunity, Intevi co-founders Adam Wilson and Tom Scott have invested in the creation of Aura and joined its Board, as have Karlson MD Martyn Kidd and Director Stephen Todd, together with Stuart Beere, formerly of Deloitte LLP. The remaining three directors of Karlson are also investing in the new business including co-founder William Todd.

Adam Wilson commented: “The whole Intevi team is excited to continue our consistent growth with a wider team that has a pedigree in the technology solutions sector. Our customers can expect the same high level of attention, knowledge and support but on a much larger global scale, our capabilities are now double what they were before.

We’re excited to bring additional, complementary solution based offerings to our customer base and recognise technology integration and seamless use is more important than ever in all workplace sectors. The formation of Aura and bringing together of our new board allows us to for fill our aspirations whilst retaining our core DNA”

Alpesh Unalkat added: “With private equity backing, two complementary businesses as the foundation for growth and the entrepreneurial spirit and track record of those involved; we have huge aspirations for Aura in reimagining the future of workspaces.

“The business world has been facing a number of challenges in adapting to changing working practices, no more so than now.  Bringing together changing generational attitudes in the workplace, being agile as to how and where people work and injecting greater connectivity to ensure that no matter where people are they feel part of something, can create huge differentiation in organisations.

“We believe we have an opportunity to reimagine the future workspace, bringing together a unique combination of products and services, and using our expertise to integrate these seamlessly for our clients.”

The investment into creating the platform and its subsequent growth is backed by a highly reputable and capable Global Investment Fund, Baird Capital, which has raised and managed more than £2.4bn and invested in nearly 300 portfolio companies since 1989.

Andrew Ferguson, partner at Baird Capital, said: “At Baird we partner with entrepreneurs and, leveraging our executive networks, strive to build exceptional companies.

“We are passionate about Aura and have made a significant commitment to forming the platform and then scaling the Aura business through further organic and acquisitive growth with an entrepreneurial team that has previously developed, diversified and scaled managed services businesses.”

The Aura Futures operating board includes Alpesh Unalkat (CEO), Sajan Shivshanker (COO), Steven Hallissey (CFO), Martyn Kidd (Chief Commercial Officer), Tom Scott (Chief Technology Officer), Adam Wilson (Chief Sales Officer – Collaboration), Stephen Todd (Chief Sales Officer – Workflow/MPS) and Stuart Beere (Director of M&A/Integration).

From left to right: Sajan Shivshanker (COO), Alpesh Unalkat (CEO),  Steven Hallissey (CFO)


Intevi team with Alpesh Unalkat, Sajan Shivshanker and Steven Hallissey

About Aura Futures

Aura is a leading consultancy and technology provider specialising in, and bringing together: workspace design, collaboration solutions, workflow and management print services, digital media services and transformation management.  The company operates across six offices globally, servicing 300 large clients in over 60 countries.

About Alpesh Unalkat

Alpesh spent eight years at Capita, latterly as CEO of Capita Workplace Technology.  Prior to Capita, he spent 14 years as a Board Director at Right Document Solutions which was sold to Capita for a total consideration of £40m (including earn-out) in 2011.