Providing a unique and unforgettable experience for your fans, on or off the field.

Keeping fans consistently happy is sure to be a difficult task, however, one now made easier with Intevi’s IDT solutions. Deliver live feeds, analytics, entertainment and communications across your stadium with our IDT range. Due to its low latency for live footage and ease of scalability, IDT is perfect solution to ensure fans are continually entertained.

With the solutions ease of scalability, we provide more than your average live display, expanding the digital network to include live social media and instant offer messages.

Visually engage with customers, improving results and satisfaction, all through the facility of your IP network. Enabling your customers to enjoy a stress-free journey whilst providing information, announcements and entertainment with an added benefit of advertising content! It is just that easy with our IDT solutions.

In addition to the front of house benefits, you can utilise the Intevi solutions back of house. Communicating internally to distribute information consistently across unlimited floors and buildings.

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