Accelerate your business

With your help and local experience, you can support our focus and efforts on the most promising market opportunities, whilst profiting your business.

The Intevi Partner Programme includes all sales, technical, and marketing support and training, equipping you with the right tools you’ll need to develop and successfully grow your business.

Why become a partner?

Our Partners help provide us with exceptional local skills and knowledge, leveraging the Intevi product range across the world, in return we are committed to the continued support and development of our distributor relationships. Working closely with our Partners, we are constantly identifying new opportunities to deliver efficiency and performance benefits to end users, no matter the project size.

How does it work?

Our Partner Programme works on a tiered basis for Platinum, Gold and Silver. Partner certifications depend on the companies capabilities and commitment to Intevi. For further information on the Partner Programme tiering criteria, please refer to our datasheet.

Minimum requirements

  • Signed contract
  • Full training to be completed
  • Provide end-user reporting


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